Calendar August 2009

August 2009
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Notes: 1
9101112 First day for Teachers                USA Section131415
1617 Professional Development Day for US Teachers18 First day of school for USA   Introduce yourself and tell why you are involved in the AVID Program. Introduce AVID to the class (brief overview). Review expectations and focus on the honor of their selection.  19Use overhead: A Week in the AVID Elective.  

20 Introduce students to Strategies for success.  Complete Activity—”People Bingo,” or Activity—”Party Mixer,” Strategies for Success. Experienced students should pair up with new students.  21 Help the students set up their notebooks according to “The AVID Binder Unit Plan,”  22
2324 Introduce tutors to the students.  Check the binders informally—tutors can assist   25•Review binder expectations. •Begin to teach the chapter, “Cornell Notes,” Strategies for Success. •Practice one page of notes. Collect and return with comments.  26 2728     29
3031 Notes: