Calendar September 2009

September 2009
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Notes: Show the video: “The AVID Tutorial.” Make certain students are prepared for your first tutorial, which will be next week.  1  Discuss tutorial procedures and the tutors’ roles.2 Open House SHAPE MS/HSPractice one page of notes with lecture or any textbook. Share notes in multi-level groups and give positive feedback. Students keep in AVID section of binder.Note cards Ch 3-43 Introduce tutorial request form and tutorial log in Tutor Training,4  In small groups with tutors facilitating, complete an informal binder check for notes, calendars and organization. 5
67  Review the binder check procedures, which will take place on Friday. 8 Students will participate in their first AVID tutorial,9Debrief the tutorial session at the end of the class, using tutor and student input  10 Students will participate in their second AVID tutorial,11  All students will have their binders checked today by the tutors. During the binder checks, lead students through the activity, “My Accomplishments,” College and Careers, or enjoy a guest speaker.12
1314 15 International Educational DaySchool ends at 12.00 hr16 17 TUTORIALS18 BINER CHECK19
2021                    22 TUTORIALS23 24 TUTORIALS25   BINER CHECK26


29 TUTORIALS30 Notes: